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The moment the users are redirected to your webpage after clicking an ad link, they should be so captivated that they would be unable to leave the site before responding to your call to action.A landing page design is always different from rest of the inner pages; reason being the first impression. And to create an impressive start one must design well thought landing pages to capture attention of the web visitors at the same time engaging them to complete a lead form or placing an on-line purchase order.

With a compelling landing page design you not only grab attention but also make the visitors stay for a longer time. Therefore, at Widestate we focus on building interactive landing pages, which meet expectations of the traffic and help you drive more customers.

We design persuasive landing pages that revolve around one particular science and that is making users to perform actions. Keeping your primary objective intact with our designs we build landing pages that focuses on your unique selling point with appropriate call to action statement.

Our Landing Page design Services

We’ll produce a Landing Page that will smite your users at the very first sight. We’ve built more than 100’s of custom landing pages, we know what converts and pay attention to every detail. We take care of the whole process from design to code and full back-end integration.

Custom Design And Optimization

We build custom landing pages that are individually designed for your business. No two sites are the same, we build and optimize your landing pages to perfectly suit the needs of your site and audience.

Click Through Landing Pages

Click-through landing pages and popups ‘warm’ visitors to your offering before they move you to a higher-converting page further down the funnel. By showcasing your value proposition and only asking for a click instead of a completed form, these offers make it easy for visitors to take the next step.

Lead Capture Landing Pages

A lead capture page is a type of landing page that helps you collect leads for your promotions.Often referred to as Squeeze pages, the purpose of lead capture landing pages is to gather personal data from the visitor, usually beginning with their name and email address. 

Infomercial Landing Pages

These landing pages are the infomercials of the online marketing world that swarm late-night TV like a plague of grasshoppers might be cheesy, but there’s a reason they’re still around: they work. Due to the amount of effort expended in reading that far, they instill a certain amount of commitment which keeps them reading.

Product Detail Landing Pages

A common style of landing page in the retail industry is the Product Detail landing page. This is just a page on the main website that houses all of the information related to the product for sale. The benefit of this type of landing page is that it requires no extra work to create a separate page.

Viral Landing Pages

Companies that try to create viral buzz are usually doing so in order to build brand awareness. Examples of this type of page usually contain fun flash games or funny videos. They’ll have a subtle reference to the company behind the creation.


At Exposure Digital we offer you a full span of WooCommerce development services right from building custom WooCommerce eShop design and development to payment processing. We strive to provide with the current trends in the market using the latest technology according to your business module.

Responsive design

Obtaining a website that would work equally well on any device is not an option rather an obvious for today online presence.Our mobile first design approach ensures that no matter what type of device a user has got to access the web, a website will preserve its quality.

Clean Structured Code

When it comes to writing code specifically for WordPress, it is a recommendation to follow a combination of the WordPress coding standards, every website created by our team of WordPress developers is in full compliance with both the WordPress coding standards and the W3C standards.

Flexibility and Scalability

Our team of WordPress developers help you create any type of website you want – an online community, a non-profit website, a news website, a business site, personal blog, a photoblog or even a network of sites.

Fully Customizable Design

We, at Exposure Digital, offer fully customizable design for our clients to meet their business objectives and goals.Our design will help you build next-level your brand .

Search Engine Optimized

Our designed websites are specifically optimized for search engines to help your website rank higher and get constant organic traffic.

Affordable prices

We offer top-class product at very competitive price. Being a small team, we don’t rip off our customers, but strive to do our best to satisfy their all needs.


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have used Exposure Digital Services before and will be using again in the future, fantastic guys to deal with and is a pleasure to work with, great communication and skills especially when it comes to designing and developing WordPress website. Their services and communication is some of the best I have seen. With so many choices for web design and development out there, I am thankful that I've invested in Exposure Digital. I can’t wait to work on the next project.

Danny Jaques

Exposure Digital made it possible for our business to focus on what we do best. Their knowledge and expertise has freed up valuable time. One of the best agencies I’ve worked with and I highly recommend them.

Erin Garnier

Another amazing experience with this firm. If you want to have your projects completed quickly, with high quality, and in a very professional manner - you will be very satisfied with Exposure Digital's professional work. I highly recommend this firm to the business community and hope to be working with them again soon in the future.

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